With Bülow Stand's TV stands, you can easily put your TV screen back on its feet again.


Free combination of base and pipe assembly
The base plate and the pipe assembly can freely be combined in several different ways. The base plate is available in two different versions. The first one is lacquered in black or white and has visible wheels. The second version has an oak edge, concealed wheels and an extremely dirt-repellent coating in black or white nanolaminate.

Smart tube assembly
The tube assembly is available in white, black and stainless steel, has a built-in cable concealer and offers an option for retrofitting a shelf. The shelf is vertically adjustable at 5-cm intervals. The TV assembly is universal, suitable for VESA sizes 10×10, 20X20, 30X30 and 40X40 and designed so as not to block rearward-facing wiring. The same fittings can be adjusted vertically to the size of your desired TV set.

Sample combinations


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Instructions for use

You can download the following instructions for the use of Bülow Stand’s products: