Choose among our popular Bülow TV stand models.



High quality TV stands – designed and produced in Scandinavia

Our TV pedestal stands come in many different models – with different colours, materials and add-ons. All of the models have at least one thing in common: they are high quality products, designed and produced in Denmark. When you buy a Bülow Stand BS15 you are guaranteed a durable and beautiful TV stand.

Mobile TV stand on wheels – if you like to move it, move it

All our TV stands have wheels! Pretty useful, right? Some of the models (like this one) have visible wheels, but not to an extent that overshadows the beautiful lines and materials. Other TV stand models have wheels that are well-hidden (like this other one).

A TV stand with a strong bracket – and possibility for add-ons

If you have preferences for more than just watching TV, you should consider some of our add-ons. Even if you have a set-top box, you should probably continue reading.

We offer 3 products to make your whole TV setup look more smooth.

  1. Console/set-top box holder/bracket – for easy storage of your PlayStation, Xbox or preferred set-top box
  2. Soundbar bracket – make your soundbar float seamlessly on the BS15
  3. Shelf – a simple option that allows you to integrate your Blu-Ray player or whatever else you might prefer


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